Warren Jacklin Golf Academy

It is not possible for every golfer to learn every golf swing.

That is why we strive to find the optimal swing for each player, independent of age, physical flexibility, talent, practice opportunities and time.

Success in golf is not achieved just by improving your technique on the Driving Range. The biggest and most effective improvements can be achieved simultaneously in a number of areas, as with the short game, strategy on the course, understanding the rules and the much underestimated mental approach in golf.

Warren Jacklin grew up on the golf course and learnt the game from one of the best golfers - Tony Jacklin. Tony Jacklin was the last European player since 1968 to win the US Open. He played top level golf for years and in doing so gave his son Warren the opportunity to profit not only from his experience, but also from that of many other world class players.

In the Warren Jacklin Golf Academy we would like to pass this knowledge on to you. Our goal is to set up a personalised training programme which addresses the individual strengths of each player. We would like to show you which aspects can be  improved and how you can have more success and enjoyment in the game.