18 Hole Championship Course

Awaiting those who manage to tear themselves away from admiring the stunning landscape in order to play the 18 hole course is a golfing experience which puts both novice and advanced players to the test. The design of the holes, the hilly terrain, the pockets of forest and small lakes, subtle as they may be, all require a high level of condition and concentration from the players, even those with single figure handicaps. For this reason, albatrosses on the 18 holes remain an exception on this 6.095 m course – quite the opposite to other rare birds which regularly accompany the game on this course. For on the grounds of the golf club in Tiefenbach, where nature and sport complement each other so perfectly, the many biotopes flanking the holes provide new habitats for many threatened animal species.

In rapid succession you experience new challenges and sources of inspiration on the course. This is due, on the one hand, to the nature of the grounds and the creative interplay with light and shade as the day goes on; and on the other, to the course which always shows its good side: the first 9 holes present themselves to the player couched in the long narrow valley of the Katzenbach creek. Hole 5 represents the greatest hurdle of the entire course, stretching more than 512 m, it demands both distance and precision. The second 9 holes drape themselves over the hills and valleys. Slopes and small clumps of trees shape the game. And the panoramic view from the course over the landscape is reminiscent of Tuscany.

From the right perspective, the golf course is overwhelming, with the burgeoning  countryside that surrounds it. One of the most beautiful viewing points is undoubtedly from the attractive terrace in front of the round conservatory of the club restaurant. Built on two levels, it offers fabulous views to the first 9 holes of the 18 hole course.