Course Rules

1.1. Course boundaries are marked by white stakes and/or white lines.

1.2.  Out of bounds is on the outer edge of the road bordering the grounds on the following  holes:

Hole 1 left and right, as well as behind the green    
Hole 2 left and behind the green    
Hole 4 right
Hole 5  right and behind the green   
Hole 6 left
Hole 9 behind the green
Hole 11 left

1.3. The white stakes right of hole 11 mark out of bounds only while playing this hole. They are deemed to be immovable obstructions when playing the neighbouring holes (rule 24 - 2).

2.1. Water hazards are marked by yellow stakes, lateral water hazards by red stakes

2.2.  The water hazard margin on the other side of the ditch forms the wayside facing the hole on the following holes:

Hole 1 left
Hole 5 behind the green
Hole 6 left

3.1. Ground under repair is marked by blue stakes - The ball may not be played from here.

3.2. Ground under repair is marked by white circles -  The ball may be played from here.

4.1 Movable obstruction (Rule 24-1): Stones in the bunker

4.2 Immovable obstruction (Rule (24 -2):

i.e.all asphalted paths and paved areas, gravel paths and areas, as well as all hay bales as long as they are not out of bounds or within a water hazard. 

(that is, no obstructions according to Rule 24 - 2, no penalty-free relief) 

The wire fence to the left of hole 4
The net on the left of the teeing ground at hole 10
The wire fence to the left of green 10
The protective fence between green 11 and teeing ground 12 

Penalty for Rules Infraction

Hole game - Loss of hole
Scoring - 2 penalty strokes

B. Advice

Distance markers

The distance markers on the holes are measured up to the beginning of the green:
100 Meter = green stake with one ring
150 Meter = green stake with two rings
200 Meter = green stake with three rings